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I have A+/Net+ Certifications and I am an IT graduate with over 20 years in the PC business.

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Colorado Springs Computer Repair

Colorado Springs Computer Repair Family

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You can trust A PC HELPER
with your computer needs.

Are you looking for a friendly, certified and experienced computer repair technician in the Colorado Springs area who is dedicated to customer service? Then don't waste your time and money searching for overpriced Geeks. While some of those Geeks may be decent technicians and well-intentioned, their overhead requires that they charge you for their time even if they are unable to fix your problem.

I can fix your computer issues and If a part needs to be replaced then I will find the most reasonable replacement to get your PC or Network up and running as soon as possible.

My Mission:

  • I will provide affordable onsite computer repair with patience, kindness and accuracy.
  • I will avoid condescension and do my best to speak in clear non-technical jargon.
  • I will guide you to steps that prevent future computer and network issues.


  • Joslin Palmer, Property Manager: ALEXAN AT BRIARGATE, Colorado Springs, CO
  • I am very satisfied with your resourcefulness and help! I will use you in the future and recommend you to others. Thank you!

  • Chris W. Stark, Sr. Tax Adviser, Stark Tax Services: Office: 1-719-392-4440
  • I have never used "A PC Helper" before and I had a major crisis. I was not sure who I could turn to for help. I was in the beginning stages of my busiest month when I began having great troubles with the system registry for Windows XP. Doug was nothing like I had seen before, staying with the problem until he completely fixed everything. He made my computer problem his top priority, and did not go to another job until my issues were resolved to my satisfaction. Most of all, Doug did not charge me for his time like some "geek" in his "squad" car. In fact, Doug was literally a fraction of the cost with service unparalleled to the usual status quo. If you don't use this service, you may not come up as happy as I am, for there are too many "wanna be techies" that may know how to turn a screwdriver, if your lucky.

  • CJ Schwan, Colorado Springs
  • Doug has helped me through countless issues with my PC. Whether I was shut down with a virus or couldn't create a DVD for my daughters graduation and more, I will always choose A PC Helper to guide me through this technical jungle.

  • Carl Bayer: Internet Marketing Specialist and Speaker.
  • About a year ago, our office computer stopped working and we needed a way to retrieve the data quickly. I called Doug as I have known of his vast knowledge with data recovery. I was able to speak with him right away and he recognized the problem immediately and was able to provide an easy to follow solution. All of this just over the phone. He even provided the hardware to retrieve the data from our hard drives. I cannot imagine how long and expensive the process would have been had I not called Doug first. When taking care of a customer, you went above and beyond Doug! Thanks Again.
Computer Virus

What Antivirus Should I Use?

I'm always asked
"what program should I use to protect myself against malicious attacks from Viruses"?
Bit Defender usually gets my vote.
Click on this resource for great antivirus deals and detailed guidence to what is best for you.

A Family Business

Colorado Springs Computer Repair Family

I run an organized Computer Repair bench.

Local Computer Deals

Iv'e always found my best deals at the office stores: Check out these Weekly advertisements for Colorado Springs.


Office Max

Office Depot
Laptop Buy of the week at Office DepotHP Laptop Computer with Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
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Special Rate only $25.00! If you are a new customer to A PC HELPER computer repair and live in Colorado Springs District 20, then your first hour rate is only $25.00.

Common Computer Issues

Antivirus Soft, Antivirus Suite and others may alert you that everything is wrong with your PC. Don't be fooled by this and don't click to buy anything. It may not be that serious but may require a professional such as myself to pull certain files from the registry.
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