Colorado Springs Computer Repair
I have A+/Net+ Certifications and I am an IT graduate with over 20 years in the PC business.

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Colorado Springs Computer Repair

SERVICE FEE: $50.00 Hourly for Computer Service

  • $50.00 hourly service if you bring your system to me.
  • A flat job quote will be determined by unique circumstances.

ONSITE FEE: $65.00 within service area

  • $65.00 first hour and $50.00 for consecutive hours of onsite computer support.
  • 1st Hour fee must be paid even if issue is resolved under first hours time.
  • I will guide you to steps that prevent future computer and network issues.

Virus and Spyware Removal: $50.00 - $85.00

  • I charge by the sevarity of the infection. I will do my best to eradicate the problem and will inform you if an OS reload is your best repair option.


  • Includes: Reinstalling Operating System and Drivers
  • Windows updates installed to current day.
  • Additional software installation cost to be determined.
  • Data Backup could be subject to an additional charge.


  • $10.00 under 100MB of Data
  • $15.00 under 1 GB of Data
  • $20.00 under 5 GB of Data
  • $25.00 under 10GB of Data
  • $40.00 under 20GB of Data

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Computer Virus

What Antivirus Should I use?

As a computer repair technician, I'm often asked, "what program should I use to protect my computer against malicious attacks from Viruses"? A paid subscription to the top real-time supliers are best for robust protection. However, Microsoft Security Essentials offers decent free virus protection. Click on this resource for great antivirus deals and detailed guidence to what is best for you.

Local Computer Deals

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