Colorado Springs Computer Repair
I have A+/Net+ Certifications and I am an IT graduate with over 20 years in the PC business.

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Colorado Springs Computer Repair

Are you looking for a friendly and experienced computer repair technician in the Colorado Springs area who is dedicated to serving you.

A PC HELPER Offers Several Computer Services:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

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    Viruses and Spyware are not only annoying, they are dangerous! Once your system is infected, a computer expert like myself may be required to remove these vulnerabilities that can render your computer useless and open you up to hackers that may steal your identity and more. I can guide you to the best defenses once I eradicate those nasty files.

  • Laptop Repair

    It remains a common problem that DC Power Jack Connectors come loose after continued insertion of the power connector to laptop computers. I specialize in this repair and have fixed countless power failures from this popular issue. Don't trust anyone who has not performed this operation before. It can be a tedeous task with many tiny screws and requires a precise recolection of what parts went where. Click image to undertand more about this Power Jack problem with laptops and why you trust A PC Helper to do this job

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    This is rarely my first aim to fix your computer. However, I have education, 10 years of troubleshooting and enough common sense to know when a PC is licked. Sometimes this is the fastest and most thorough way to clean your system and get it back to the wonderful state it was when you first bought it. It is very important to always let me know what critical data needs to be saved before you hand your system over to me for this or any other procedure.

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    Don't loose those FAMILY PICTURE or that important Quick Books data. Let A PC Helper back it up for you and/or guide you to inexpensive ways to do this for yourself. It costs less than you may expect.

  • Networking
  • Geeks network service
    Share your home printer throughout the house or simply save your carpet from running back and forth from computer to computer. I can setup a wireless or wired network in your home for a lot less than those expensive Geeks with all their over-head. Not only am I less expensive but, how many Geeks behind that counter require a Bachelor's Degree in IT? I have the education and experience to do it right and the sole propriety to do it for less!

  • Tutorials
  • Colorado Springs Computer tutor
    You can buy the book, enroll back to school or simply hire me to get you around those time-killing situations that leave you confused on your computer. I can guide you through time-saving procedures that let you do the work for yourself efficiently.

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Computer Virus

What Antivirus Should I use?

As a computer repair technician, I'm often asked, "what program should I use to protect my computer against malicious attacks from Viruses"? A paid subscription to the top real-time supliers are best for robust protection. However, Microsoft Security Essentials offers decent free virus protection. Click on this resource for great antivirus deals and detailed guidence to what is best for you.

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